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Avanzini Bruciatori

Avanzini Bruciatori, established in 1960 by Giuseppe Avanzini in Parma, originated from his experience in a company specializing in steam boilers. Witnessing the shift to natural gas in major Italian cities, Avanzini aimed to create safe, natural gas-powered equipment for converting coal or fuel oil-fired bread ovens. The traditional fuels caused pollution and maintenance issues, disrupting bread production. Avanzini’s mission was to produce reliable burners ensuring complete combustion, enhancing baking quality, particularly vital for the sensitive nature of bread.

Over the years, Avanzini garnered extensive experience with thousands of installations in bakeries globally. In 2002, recognizing challenges in the pizza industry with inadequate burners affecting performance compared to wood-fired ovens, Avanzini expanded into the pizzeria sector. The team’s commitment and enthusiasm resulted in the development of Drago, an easily customized multi-gas burner tailored for converting conventional ovens from wood to gas.

Drago stands as the culmination of Avanzini’s dedication to providing effective solutions for the baking industry, addressing both environmental concerns and the specific needs of bakers and pizza chefs. Avanzini burners have a complete range of safety features and certifications for installations indoors and outdoor, in restaurants, pizzerias and bakeries, all around the world.