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Full-Size Assembled Brick Ovens

There are two US-based companies that hand produce and sell residential, fully-assembled, handmade brick ovens using discrete, individually cut bricks—Forno Classico (CA) and Forno Piombo (CA). Both are available with the Naples-style dome enclosure finished for a traditional look. Of course these premium pizza ovens aren’t for everyone. For starters, their base price is around $15,000 for a 39″ pizza oven, not including the stand and shipping, and can quickly reach $20,000.

These ovens have thick, 4.5″ brick oven domes and high-end insulation, but with all that thermal mass, they take a long time to heat up, potentially as long as 90 minutes. That’s something to seriously consider. Both ovens are also available with the Avanzini Bruciatori burner, allowing for simultaneous wood and gas-burning