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Are San Marzano tomatoes worth the price?


If you are going to put in the time and effort to make great pizza at home, we highly recommend using the best ingredients. You’ll enjoy the flavors and textures you’re able to create, and don’t forget—you aren’t going out to a restaurant or ordering takeout, so your excellent pizzas will always cost less than a restaurant where they aren’t even using premium ingredients.

I know that it’s easy to get a little cynical about the products that are marketed to us, but San Marzano tomatoes and Caputo flour are two products that live up to the hype.

If you have access to Bianco di Napoli tomatoes, give them a try. They’re organically grown in the fertile and sunny Central Valley of California, and they’ve won Wirecutter’s award for best canned tomatoes three years in a row.

Buy great canned tomatoes, and make a simple sauce by smooshing the tomatoes together by hand, adding a little bit of olive oil, salt and oregano.