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Aluminum Foil (Dome)

Don’t do it.

Some pizza oven installation plans call for you to install a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil around the oven’s dome insulation layer, either ceramic insulating blanket or vermiculite/perlite concrete, as a water barrier to stop moisture from leaking into the oven from the outer edge, through the exterior enclosure. The problem is that is not where potential moisture comes from. The biggest source of moisture is through the oven open, and even that isn’t very great, if you have a property designed oven vent and a properly fitting oven door that keeps moisture out of the oven chamber when it is not in use.

In fact, a layer of aluminum foil around the dome insulation will actually make any moisture problems worse, but locking moisture in the dome insulation and oven chamber and not letting it naturally escape through the enclosure.

Either way, it isn’t a big deal. Just make sure you keep your oven door tight fitting and closed when you aren’t using the oven, and don’t use Aluminum Foil when you’re building it.