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Alumina-Silicate Board

Don’t use it. There are two are ceramic insulating products you should not use under your pizza oven cooking floor—ceramic insulating board and ceramic insulating blanket. Don’t use ceramic insulating board, because despite its high insulating qualities, over time it will sag under the weight of your oven. Don’t use ceramic blanket insulation under the floor because it will compress and be basically useless as an insulator. This is despite the fact that one precast oven supplier uses ceramic board, and two Chinese-made precast kits available from Forno Piombo and WPPO supply under floor ceramic blanket.

For the record, here is a goo description of Alumina-Silicate board.

Alumina-Silicate insulating board, also known as ceramic fiber board or refractory board, stands out as a high-temperature insulation material. Its composition includes aluminum silicate fibers blended with inorganic binders and fillers. The result is a lightweight, yet sturdy board boasting exceptional thermal insulation properties. With low thermal conductivity, aluminum silicate insulating boards effectively curtail heat transfer. Widely employed in furnace linings, kiln walls, and other high-temperature settings, these boards are celebrated for their ease of cutting, shaping, and installation. This versatility makes them a favored choice for insulation needs in diverse industrial and commercial applications.