Think of this as a soft launch for a new pizza oven. It’s the Biscotto di Sorrento Duomo. The Duomo is the industry’s first complete cast in place pizza oven kit. It provides everything you need to build a complete pizza oven core, including the mold and castable refractory to cast a professional-quality dome and vent, plus large format floor tiles, high-end floor and dome insulation, the chimney and door. All for a fraction of the cost of a precast pizza oven kit.

This is a soft launch because you can’t buy the Duomo kit yet. We’re still testing out the mold, and refining the instructions. If this was software, an App or a web service, this would be our preview, or beta version. We’re talking about it now, because we want to take a different approach for a hardware company. Our plan is to be completely open with you, and share our entire product development cycle with you—both the good and the bad.

Right here I am going to say that the Duomo is a cast in place pizza oven kit because doing that is good for our website searchability. Crazy, huh. I’m going to do it a couple of time a little later. In fact, a headline really helps as well.

We’re creating a new category—we’re introducing the first cast in place pizza oven kit

I remember listening to the podcast made by Gimlet media, a podcast production company, about its own startup—suitably called Startup. They were completely open about the ups and downs of starting a company from scratch, and in the end, they succeeded and were bought by Spotify. Think of this as a lightweight version of that. If you’re interested in how a real company, with real, physical products is created from zero, you can follow along.

We’re going to be building the first trial oven to test the mold in the coming days and weeks, and that oven will serve as the starting point for the installation instruction, a key part of the overall product. We’ll talk about a lot of interesting topics, including design trade-offs, 3D CAD models, CNC laser cutters, refractory material choices, warehousing, logistics and more.

The Duomo has a great deal in common with the current precast pizza oven kits from the incumbent suppliers, with two primary difference. The dome is cast in place as a single monolithic casting, rather than precast in a factory in 3-4 (or more) pieces. The second different is the cost. A cast in place oven is much less expensive to buy and less expensive, and easier to ship than a precast oven. Everything else is pretty much exactly the same. The installation process for everything other than the dome casting is exactly the same, and the oven materials we provide, including the oven floor, insulation, chimney and door are the best in the industry—much more complete and much higher quality than most of the precast ovens available in the market.

This is the second time I’m going to say that the Duomo is a cast in place pizza oven kit. Funny, I still need to do it a third time a little later.

We’re going to Blogging the process, posting content on Reddit, and creating the content for the “Pizza Ovens” section for the Biscotto di Sorrento website. You can follow along. by visiting our website and checking out the pizza oven section, and by reading our Blog. If you have any comments, please let us know. You can reach me at

Now, for the third time, I’m going to say that the Duomo cast in place pizza oven kit. As you probably know, the search engines require you us the phrases that describe your site a certain number of times per page. And by saying that this is a cast in place pizza oven kit, we reach the number that makes them happy.

We’ll be looking out for your comments.