It took a while for us to get our Biscotto stones into customer’s hands—or into their ovens, I should say. We had some delays with import paperwork, but we’ve started shipping stones and the feedback from customers has been just great. The stones are performing fabulously and customers are thrilled. I really want to thank our early customers who were patient with the delays, and hope they were happy with our communication and openness.

The stones are making great pizza the first time they are used, and our customers are seeing a marked difference with how their ovens perform with the new Biscotto stones. Our customers run the gamut, including all the Ooni ovens, Roccbox and Alfa. Big ovens and smaller ovens, gas, wood, pellet and electric, and the stones work great.

We’re bullish on the future.

And we added a testimonial section of our homepage. Onward!