Tuscan Oven

The Tuscan oven is a type of wood-fired pizza oven originally found in the countryside throughout Tuscany and Umbria. Originally built by the Contadini, subsistence farmers who were typically very poor, these ovens were often build out a “found” materials, such as field stones dug up on the property, rather than manufactured bricks. Tuscan ovens were used for everything, from making pizza at higher temperatures and baking bread at moderate temperatures, to baking beans, such as the famous Cannellini white beans with sage, at lower temperatures, to drying tomatoes and keeping chickens, chicks and eggs warm for hatching.

The shape of a Tuscan oven is significantly higher than a Naples oven, which is designed more specifically for pizza making. It is also much easier to build. A typical Tuscan is roughly a hemisphere, where the height of the Oven Dome is equal to the radius of the Oven Floor.