Table Salt

Table salt, also known as common salt or iodized salt, is a widely used seasoning in households and the food industry. It is a refined salt composed mainly of sodium chloride, with small amounts of anti-caking agents, such as calcium silicate or sodium aluminosilicate, added to prevent clumping. One distinctive feature of table salt is the inclusion of iodine, an essential nutrient that helps prevent iodine deficiency disorders. Iodine is typically added to table salt to address nutritional needs and support thyroid function.

Table salt has fine granules, making it easily soluble and ideal for general cooking and baking purposes. It is often used to season dishes during the cooking process and is found in salt shakers on dining tables for individual seasoning. Its affordability, widespread availability, and long shelf life contribute to its popularity as a common kitchen staple. While table salt is a practical choice for many culinary applications, some chefs and home cooks may also explore other types of salt, such as sea salt or kosher salt, for specific flavor profiles and textures.