Scamorza cheese is known for its unique production process, which involves stretching and kneading the curd, similar to mozzarella. The curd is typically shaped into a pear or oval shape, then hung to dry, giving the cheese its distinctive teardrop or balloon-like appearance. This drying process gives Scamorza a firmer texture than mozzarella, and it can be enjoyed both fresh (Scamorza Fresca) or smoked (Scamorza Affumicata). The smoked variety has a smoky, savory flavor that adds depth to various dishes.

Scamorza cheese is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. It can be used as a melting cheese in a variety of dishes, such as pizza, lasagna, and baked pasta. When melted, it develops a creamy consistency and a deliciously gooey texture that makes it a popular choice for enhancing the flavor and texture of many Italian and Mediterranean recipes. Additionally, Scamorza can also be enjoyed on cheese platters, in sandwiches, or even grilled as a stand-alone dish. Its adaptability and delicious taste have made it a beloved ingredient in both Italian and international cuisines.