Pizza Steel

A pizza steel is a robust and versatile tool that has gained popularity among home pizza enthusiasts seeking to elevate their pizza-making experience. Composed of thick, flat steel, this cooking surface boasts excellent heat retention and conductivity. The pizza steel is preheated in the oven, reaching high temperatures that mimic the intense heat of commercial pizza ovens. When the pizza is placed on the steel, it rapidly transfers its heat to the crust, resulting in a perfectly crisp and evenly cooked base. The conductivity of the steel also contributes to a faster cooking process, making it an efficient choice for achieving a professional-quality pizza crust in a home oven. Its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures make it suitable not only for pizzas but also for baking bread and other delicious treats.

In comparison to the traditional pizza stone, the pizza steel offers several advantages. While both provide a solid surface for baking, the steel’s superior conductivity means it heats up more quickly and maintains a higher temperature. This results in a crust that is not only crisp but also achieves a desirable char and blistering—qualities often associated with authentic pizzeria-style pizzas. Additionally, the durability of the steel makes it less prone to cracking or breaking, which can be a concern with certain pizza stones. While pizza stones have been popular for years and can produce excellent results, the pizza steel stands out for its efficiency, durability, and ability to impart professional-level characteristics to homemade pizzas.