Pizza Oven Mold

Precast and Cast In Place refractory pizza ovens are made using a mold made from a variety of materials and in a range of shapes. Pizza oven producers, located in the US, Europe and China typically use either steel or fiberglass molds that are re-used over and over, and must be maintained in order for the castings to remain consistent, day after day.

Some pizza oven producers us a single sided mold, where the refractory castable material is hand package against the mold, leaving the impression of the mold on the interior, user-facing side and the exterior rough. Other manufacturers use a two-sided mold, where castable refractory material is poured into openings in the mold, and vibrated until it fills the mold. This process leaves both sides of the casting smooth, which is desirable for a company selling precast pizza oven kits.

Cast in Place molds are used by home pizza oven builders to cast their oven dome where it will be located, using either commercial refractory castable or non-refractory fireclay mortar. Because the dome is left in place after it is cast, the mold must be easily removable through the oven opening. Material options for Cast in Place molds include sand, cardboard, and an exercise ball. The advantages of a cardboard mold is that the shape can accurately designed, including supporting the low Naples-style dome shape, easily assembled, and easily removed, when compared with sand or exercise ball molds.