Pate Fermentee

Pâte fermentée, also known as “old dough” or “pre-ferment,” is a type of preferment used in bread-making to enhance flavor, texture, and shelf life. It is essentially a piece of fully developed bread dough that is saved from a previous batch and incorporated into a new bread recipe. This technique is part of the artisanal approach to bread-making.

To create pâte fermentée, a portion of dough is set aside during the initial mixing and fermentation stages of bread production. This reserved dough is then allowed to ferment for a specific period, often overnight, before being refrigerated until needed for the next batch. When used in a new bread recipe, pâte fermentée contributes to a more complex flavor profile, improved crumb structure, and a longer shelf life.

This method is commonly employed in French bread-making, particularly for baguettes and other artisanal bread varieties. Pâte fermentée serves as a natural and traditional way to introduce depth and character to the final bread product, showcasing the significance of fermentation in creating exceptional bread.