Floor Materials

A pizza oven floor is typically build using standard, medium duty firebricks made up of primarily alumina and silica, cordierite, or Biscotto stones. These materials are resistant to high temperatures, direct contact with burning wood and flame, and the thermal shock that results from putting wet pizza and bread dough on the hot surface of the oven.

Some manufacturers has tried to cast large oven floors pieces, or even entire cooking floors using air dry castable material, but they tend to wear out much more quickly than fire brick, as unlike a fire brick, they are not put in a high temperature furnace, where the elements go through a chemical reaction and fuse into a much harder material.

Naples pizza ovens use Biscotto Stones as the cooking floor which are appreciated for their ability to store very high temperatures from a wood or gas fire, and release it more slowly than a firebrick to avoid burning the bottom of the pizza in a 900ºF oven.