Dome Shape

When considering the shape of a wood pizza oven dome, two popular options are the hemisphere dome and the barrel vault.

A hemisphere dome has a rounded shape resembling half of a sphere. It offers excellent heat retention and efficient heat circulation. The curved shape promotes even distribution of heat throughout the cooking chamber, resulting in uniform cooking and consistent results. Hemisphere domes also tend to have a shorter height, making them easier to construct and requiring less material.

On the other hand, a barrel vault dome has a longer, arched shape resembling a rounded vault or tunnel. It provides a larger cooking surface area and can accommodate more pizzas or larger food items. The elongated shape of the barrel vault allows for longer heat paths, which can result in a more evenly distributed heat and cooking environment. Additionally, the increased height of the barrel vault dome provides ample space for larger food items to be cooked.

The choice between a hemisphere dome and a barrel vault depends on personal preference, desired cooking capacity, available space, and aesthetic considerations. Both designs can produce excellent results when properly constructed and managed.