Dome Height

The height from the Cooking Floor to the apex (highest point) of the Oven Dome. For traditional Neapolitan pizza ovens, the height of the dome is typically around 63% to 67% of the radius of the oven. That’s low, resulting in roughly a 12″ Oven Dome Height for a 36″ diameter oven. (36″ / 2) * .67 This ratio is often recommended to ensure proper heat retention and distribution within the oven, which is crucial for achieving the characteristic Neapolitan pizza baking qualities.

For a typical, non Neapolitan pizza oven, often called a Tuscan oven, after the rustic ovens build my the Contadini, the Oven Dome Height is equal to the oven’s radius, 18″ for a 36″ oven, resulting in a Hemisphere Dome Shape. The shape is easier to build out of brick or stone, as it is structurally more sound that an a low dome height.

The Oven Dome Height should never be higher that the radius of the oven, and doing so would be considered a design mistake.