Oven Brush

A pizza oven brush is a specialized tool designed for cleaning and maintaining pizza ovens. It typically consists of a long handle and a brush head, and it is used to remove ash, residual flour, and other debris from the oven floor. The brush head is often made of heat-resistant materials such as brass or stainless steel bristles, allowing it to withstand the high temperatures inside a pizza oven.

The design of the pizza oven brush allows the user to reach deep into the oven, ensuring thorough cleaning without risking burns or injuries. The long handle provides leverage and control, making it easier to sweep away ash and residue. Regular use of a pizza oven brush is essential to keep the oven floor clean, preventing the buildup of burnt flour and other particles that can affect the flavor of the pizza and the overall performance of the oven.

Pizza oven brushes come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different oven types and user preferences. They are a practical tool for pizzerias, restaurants, or home cooks with outdoor pizza ovens, contributing to the maintenance and efficiency of the pizza baking process.