Neapolitan Pizza Oven

The Naples-style pizza oven is renowned for its distinctive low dome design, a key element in achieving the high temperatures required for Neapolitan pizza perfection. The low dome helps concentrate heat efficiently and evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring that the pizza cooks rapidly while achieving the desired soft and chewy crust. The slope of the dome allows for maximum heat reflection back onto the pizza, contributing to the characteristic leopard-like spotting and char on the crust—a hallmark of authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The ovens are hand-made using Biscotto di Sorrento baking tiles for the oven floor and refractory bricks for the oven dome and vent, both made using materials found in the soils of Mount Vesuvius. In addition to the particular dome style, Naples-style pizza ovens also feature a unique venting system. The vent pulls back over the dome, regulating airflow and the intensity of the fire, while maintain the high dome temperature. Naples-style pizza ovens are typically built in an enclosure featuring decorative tiles.