Mortar, Refractory

Refractory mortar, also known as high temperature mortar, is a specialized type of mortar designed for high-temperature applications. It is used to bind and seal refractory bricks or other heat-resistant materials in furnaces, kilns, and other industrial settings. Refractory mortar is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, often exceeding 1,000°C (1,832°F). It is composed of a blend of heat-resistant aggregates, such as silica, and a bonding agent, such as calcium aluminate cement. The mortar is mixed with water to form a workable paste that is applied between the joints of refractory bricks or other heat-resistant materials. It provides thermal insulation, structural stability, and resistance to thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring the integrity of the refractory lining in high-temperature environments.

Don’t confuse Refractory Mortar with Refractory Castable and Refractory Concrete, and also do not confuse Refractory Mortar with standard Mason’s Mortar.