Marinara Pizza

Marinara is another iconic Italian pizza that showcases the essence of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Unlike other more embellished pizzas, the Marinara prides itself on minimalism, allowing its core ingredients to shine. Typically crafted on a thin crust, this pizza is distinguished by its simple yet flavorful toppings: a tangy tomato sauce enriched with garlic, oregano, and a hint of olive oil. Without cheese or other unnecessary ingredient, the Marinara pizza relies on the quality and balance of its foundational ingredients to captivate pizza lovers. Its name, “Marinara,” evokes its seafaring origins, often associated with the sailors (“marinai” in Italian) who frequented pizzerias and enjoyed this straightforward yet satisfying dish. Today, Marinara pizza continues to be celebrated for its authenticity, offering a rustic and flavorful testament to Italy’s rich culinary heritage.