Infrared Burner

An infrared burner operates by utilizing infrared radiation to generate high levels of heat. Unlike traditional gas burners that rely on direct contact with an open flame, an infrared burner features a ceramic surface that becomes extremely hot when ignited. This ceramic surface emits infrared radiation, which is a form of electromagnetic energy that transfers heat directly to the food or cooking surface without the need for a flame. The efficiency of infrared burners lies in their ability to reach extremely high temperatures quickly, making them ideal for searing, grilling, and baking. The focused and intense heat produced by the infrared burner ensures rapid and even cooking, resulting in enhanced flavors, textures, and caramelization of food, making it a popular choice for outdoor grills, commercial kitchens, and even home cooking appliances.

Utilizing an infrared burner to make pizza in a conventional oven can elevate the pizza-baking experience by mimicking the intense heat of professional pizza ovens. An infrared burner, designed to produce high temperatures efficiently, can be placed in the oven to enhance heat distribution and rapidly cook the pizza crust. This method allows for achieving the coveted crispiness and char on the crust, characteristic of authentic pizzeria-style pizzas. The focused and intense heat generated by the infrared burner promotes quick and even cooking, contributing to a perfectly cooked pizza with a golden crust, bubbling cheese, and well-balanced toppings. This innovative approach brings a touch of pizzeria authenticity to home kitchens, allowing pizza enthusiasts to create professional-quality pies using a conventional oven and an infrared burner.