Hemispherical Arch

A hemisphere arch is a structural design featuring a half-dome shape, often used in architecture and engineering. Its inherent stability is attributed to the even distribution of forces and loads across its curved surface. The curvature allows the arch to efficiently absorb and transmit external pressures, minimizing the risk of collapse or deformation. The shape of the hemisphere arch, resembling half of a sphere, inherently resists compressive and lateral forces, resulting in a stable and self-supporting structure. This stability makes hemisphere arches suitable for various applications, including domed roofs, architectural features, and even certain types of tunnels, where their form ensures reliable load-bearing capacity and structural integrity.

The hemispherical arch can easily be used for a brick pizza oven by employing a fixed length Trammel, which will result in a Dome shape that has an equally wide Oven Floor diameter and Oven Dome Height.