Gozney is a British company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality pizza ovens. Similar to Ooni, Gozney is known for its outdoor pizza ovens that enable users to create professional-grade pizzas at home. The company focuses on combining modern technology with traditional cooking methods to produce versatile and efficient pizza ovens.

The Gozney Roccbox comes with a cordierite baking stone that has a tendency to burn the bottom of the pizza. You can easily replace the standard cordierite baking stone with a Biscotto stone from Biscotto di Sorrento.

Gozney offers a variety of pizza ovens, including wood-fired ovens, gas-powered ovens, and hybrid models. These ovens are designed for both residential and commercial use, catering to the needs of home chefs, restaurants, and pizzerias.

Gozney started off selling Refractory Pizza Ovens for restaurants and enthusiasts, before it created its signature Roccbox and Dome ovens that focus primarily on the consumer market.