Fibers, Alkaline Resistant Fiberglass

Alkaline Resistant Fiberglass Fibers, also known as AR glass fibers, are used as an additive to both refractory castable and no-refractory fireclay mortar when those materials are use to cast the dome of a pizza oven. These fibers are resistant to corrosion due to the alkaline nature of both Portland and calcium alumina-based concrete and to the high temperature reached by wood and gas-fired pizza ovens. Unlike stainless steel fibers which are difficult to work with because of their sharp points and edges, and can lead to stress of the refractory material because they absorb heat from efficiently than the refractory material, and expand and contract at different rates than the refractory material causing stress on the pizza oven dome casting, fiberglass fibers are easy to work with and significantly enhance the structural strength of the oven dome. They are also used to increase the strength of cast concrete for such applications as kitchen counters, and as such are cost-effective and readily available.

Alkaline resistant fiberglass fibers should be added to either dry refractory castable and no-refractory fireclay mortar before mixing with water, at a ratio of roughly 1%.