Cracks in a pizza oven dome are generally considered acceptable if they are small and superficial, often resulting from the natural expansion and contraction of materials due to extreme temperature changes during cooking. These minor cracks can add character to the oven and do not typically impact its functionality or safety. Some pizza oven enthusiasts intentionally create these cracks as part of the seasoning process, which can enhance the oven’s durability. However, larger or deeper cracks that compromise the structural integrity of the oven, hinder heat retention, or allow moisture infiltration should be carefully inspected and addressed to ensure the oven’s safety, performance, and longevity.

Our castable materials has three different fibers to both minimize the incidence of cracks, and to ensure that they don’t get worse if something unusual happens to an oven — such as someone throwing a bucket of water into a hot oven.

Crack happen and a vast majority of the time, they are nothing to worry about.