Cotto Refrattario

Cotto refrattario” is an Italian term that translates to “refractory clay” in English. Refractory clay is a type of clay that is specifically formulated to withstand high temperatures without breaking down or becoming structurally compromised. This type of clay is commonly used in the construction of fireplaces, kilns, furnaces, and, notably, in the manufacturing of refractory bricks and tiles used in various high-heat applications, such as pizza ovens.

In the context of pizza ovens, cotto refrattario refers to the refractory clay material that lines the interior of the oven. This lining is essential to create a well-insulated cooking environment capable of reaching and maintaining the high temperatures required for proper pizza baking. The use of refractory clay helps the oven retain heat, distribute it evenly, and resist the effects of thermal expansion and contraction that occur with frequent temperature changes. As a result, the oven can consistently produce the desired crisp crust and properly cooked toppings associated with high-quality pizza.