Commercial Pizza Oven

While some manufacturers use different materials for their residential and commercial oven in order cut costs, there is no practical reason for there to be a different. There are a number a differences. First, a commercial oven typically has thicker refractory materials in the dome and cooking floor to retain sufficient heat to cook large volumes of pizza and multiple pizzas at a time, typically 3-4″ in the dome and 2.5″ on the cooking floor. Further, commercial ovens have thicker insulation layers over the dome and under the cooking floor, typically 4-6″ over the dome and 4″ under the cooking floor. Commercial ovens tend to be larger than residential ovens, with the cross-over happening around 40″. There are 40″ commercial ovens, and there are 44″ residential ovens. A traditional Pizza Napoletana oven is 48″.