Chimney, Double Wall

A double-wall stainless steel wood pizza oven chimney refers to a chimney system specifically designed for wood-fired pizza ovens. It consists of two layers of stainless steel pipes: an inner pipe that carries the exhaust gases and an outer pipe that acts as an insulating layer. The double-wall construction provides several benefits, including enhanced insulation, reduced heat transfer to surrounding materials, and improved safety. The insulating layer helps to maintain higher temperatures inside the chimney, improving draft and promoting efficient smoke evacuation. Double-wall stainless steel chimneys are known for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and compliance with safety standards. However, it is important to follow local building codes and regulations, as specific requirements for insulation, clearance, and installation may vary depending on your location. Consulting with a professional or local authorities is recommended to ensure proper installation and compliance with the specific chimney requirements for your wood pizza oven.