Ceramic Insulation

Ceramic insulation is commonly used for wood oven insulation due to its excellent thermal properties. It is typically in the form of ceramic fiber blanket or board. Ceramic fiber blanket is a lightweight and flexible insulation material made from ceramic fibers. It offers high-temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and excellent insulation efficiency. The blanket is wrapped around the walls and dome of the wood oven, providing a layer of insulation that helps retain heat and ensures more efficient cooking. Ceramic fiber board is a rigid insulation material that can be used for the floor or walls of a wood oven. It offers similar thermal insulation properties as the blanket but in a more solid form. The board is cut to fit the specific dimensions of the oven and placed as a layer between the cooking surface and the supporting structure, reducing heat loss through the floor. Ceramic insulation helps to create a well-insulated cooking chamber, allowing the wood oven to reach and maintain high cooking temperatures while minimizing fuel consumption. It contributes to more efficient and even heat distribution, resulting in excellent cooking performance and energy savings.