Cast in Place Pizza Oven

A Cast in Place pizza oven is an oven dome that is cast where it will be installed, using either commercial refectory castable material or a homemade non-refractory fireclay mortar, and a mold. The pizza oven mold can be made of either sand, cardboard, or an inflatable exercise ball. The mold must be easily removed through the oven opening, as unlike commercially produced precast ovens, the oven dome is not removed from the mold, the mold is removed from the oven dome.

The advantages of a Cast in Place Pizza Oven is that it is far less expensive than a precast oven, roughly $500-$1,000, compared with precast ovens kits costing between $3,000-$7,000, much easier to ship, and because they are cast as a single monolithic piece, they can be more durable the precast kits that come in multiple pieces that must be assembled using refractory mortar.