Biscotto Stone

Biscotto stone is a short way of saying or writing Biscotto di Sorrento stone. For example, you can say, “I replaced the cheap, thin cordierite stone that came with my Ooni oven with a thick Biscotto stone and my oven works so much better.”

Biscotto’s high porosity allows it to heat up rapidly and hold its heat for sustained high temperature baking. Plus, our stones are twice the thickness of standard stones, giving you even more heat retention. The essential difference between Biscotto di Sorrento stone and a cordierite or firebrick floor is how the natural clay slowly and evenly releases its heat, giving you beautiful char—not burn. The slower heat transfer combined with high porosity and a rough surface allow a Biscotto stone to absorb moisture in your dough and create the steam channels necessary for a light, crispy crust, without transferring heat too quickly.