Biscotto di Sorrento (material)

Biscotto di Sorrento is a premium pizza oven floor material made using traditional materials and methods primarily in Sorrento on the Gulf of Naples. Biscotto stones are famous for their ability to absorb the very high temperature reached by commercial pizza ovens, the new generation of small and mid-size steel ovens with both gas and wood burners, and residential ovens made from either firebrick or refractory castable material. Biscotto baking stones can easily handle and store the 900ºF+ temperatures reached by these ovens, and because it is made from natural clays and volcanic stone found around Mount Vesuvius, it is very porous, meaning that it releases its temperature into the pizza very gently and slowly.

Biscotto di Sorrento is made by hand using traditional wood and metal forms, air-dried and then fired in a brick-lined, wood-fired kiln. Biscotto stones can be used in virtually any type of pizza ovens, using any type of fuel.