Baking Stone

A baking stone, also known as a pizza stone or bread stone, is a thick, typically rectangular or circular slab made from materials such as ceramic, clay, Biscotto di Sorrento, steel, cast iron or cordierite. It is used to create a more even and efficient heat distribution in an oven, which is particularly beneficial for baking bread, pizza, and other baked goods that require a crisp and well-cooked crust. Baking stones work by absorbing and radiating heat, mimicking the heat-retaining properties of brick ovens. When preheated in the oven, the stone retains heat and transfers it to the dough or other items placed on its surface. This helps achieve a crispy bottom crust, even browning, and better oven spring in bread. Additionally, the stone’s porous nature can absorb excess moisture, resulting in a better-textured crust. Baking stones are widely used by home bakers and professional chefs to enhance the quality of their baked products.

Biscotto Baking Stones from Sorrento, Italy are a premium baking stone that improve the pizza making performance of high-temperature pizza ovens. They absorb the high 900ºF+ temperatures found in a pizza oven and store it for cooking multiple pizzas in a row, while gently and consistently releasing heat into the pizza dough, creating perfect char, without burning the pizza crust.