An architectural arch is a distinctive structural element characterized by its curved or arched shape, typically forming a smooth, continuous curve. Arches have been integral to architecture for centuries, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, arches distribute loads and forces, allowing for the creation of large, open spaces and providing structural support for buildings. Aesthetically, arches contribute to the visual appeal of structures, offering a sense of grace, elegance, and often a timeless quality. Arches come in various styles, including the classic semicircular arch, pointed arches commonly found in Gothic architecture, and segmental arches with a less pronounced curve. The versatility and enduring charm of architectural arches make them a significant and enduring feature in the built environment.

There are many arches in a pizza oven design, including the shape of the dome, the opening into the oven chamber, and the opening into the vent at the front of the oven. The oven stand can have a decorative arch and the oven enclosure itself may be arch shaped.