Alumina-Silicate Board

Alumina-Silicate insulating board, also known as ceramic fiber board or refractory board, is a type of high-temperature insulation material. It is composed of aluminum silicate fibers mixed with inorganic binders and fillers. This combination results in a lightweight and rigid board with excellent thermal insulation properties. Aluminum silicate insulating boards have low thermal conductivity, effectively reducing heat transfer. They are commonly used in various applications, including furnace linings, kiln walls, and other high-temperature environments. These boards are easy to cut, shape, and install, making them a popular choice for insulation in industrial and commercial settings.

While some pizza oven producers use ceramic board insulation, we recommend that you not use it because it can tend to compress over time, causing the oven dome and/or floor to shift, potentially causing cracks. Instead, we recommend you use CalSil board, which is more rigid and will not compress or sag.