We’ve finished the full set of dimension drawings for the Duomo Series cast in place pizza oven kits. These drawings show the essential details for each oven, something we called our key Intellectual Property in a previous blog post. The drawings outline everything you need to know about these ovens, from the interior dimensions of the oven width and depth, the thickness of the dome, the oven floor and floor insulation.

We also outline the key dimensions, including the oven opening width and height and the height of the top of the dome, along with the inward curve of the dome walls the dimensions for the vent and the space of the chimney anchor plate, and the size of the chimney.

The drawings also specify how each Duomo oven has a 1″ thick door jamb, which acts as a positive stop for the oven door, giving the user the ability to more finely control air flow into the oven and more easily cut off the air supply to extinguish the fire all together.

Here are the PDF files for the Duomo24 24″ cast in place pizza oven kit, Duomo28 28″ cast in place pizza oven kit, Duomo32, 32″ cast in place pizza oven kit, Duomo36 36″ cast in place pizza oven kit and the Duomo40 40″ cast in place pizza oven kit.