These Biscotto stone preparation instructions will show you how to properly burn-in your new Biscotto stone before its first use. To safeguard the integrity of your Biscotto stone, it is paramount that you follow these instructions Before First Use. You need to bake out any residual moisture from the clay before you start using your stone.

Step 1. Place the stone in a cold, conventional oven, and set the temperature to 450ºF. Do not place the stone in a hot oven. After the oven reaches 450ºF, bake the stone for 60 minutes at 450ºF, and then turn off the oven. Do not remove the stone from the oven, and instead let it rest until the stone has fully cooled down to room temperature. It is essential that you allow the stone to gradually cool to room temperature before embarking on step two.

Step 2. Place the stone in your pizza oven and slowly bring it up to full temperature—roughly 850ºF—and let it bake (without putting anything on top of it) for a second 60-minute burn-in session at full temperature. Again, let it slowly fall back to room temperature.

Your Biscotto stone is now ready to go. Meticulous adherence to these steps ensures not only optimal performance for your stone, it also reduces the risk of cracking.

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