Biscotto stones are produced from natural clay deposits formed by Mount Vesuvius, near Sorrento, Italy. Because the material comes in contact with food (your pizzas!), the site where the clay is quarried is tested by a qualified laboratory in accordance with EU standards (DIRETTIVA 2005/31/CE del 29 aprile 2005) for Lead and Cadmium, which are toxic heavy metals. Here are the results published by our producer, along with a few helpful translations.

  • Campione — Sample
  • PIANO CIRCOLARE PER PIZZE – SPESSORE 5 CM DIAMETRO 120 CM — circular floor for pizza, thickness 5 cm, diameter 120 cm
  • MATERIALI E OGGETTI NI CERAMICA A CONTATTO CON GLI ALIMENTI — materials and objects in ceramic in contact with food
  • Migrazione specifica di Cadmio per oggetti di ceramica — The specific migration of cadmium by object in ceramic
  • Migrazione specifica di Piombo per oggetti di ceramica — The specific migration of lead by object in ceramic