marketing strategy graphic

Typically in marketing, a manager thinks in terms of building a compelling story, or value proposition around your product, that will drive a rational, well-informed buyer to choose you. This might be providing a better product at the same price as your competition, or a similar quality product for a lower cost. Or, perhaps selling a lower quality product for a lot less—something you see in Amazon every day. In general, you’re looking to create a selling proposition that makes sense to you, the marketing person, in the hope it will make sense, and be compelling, to a potential buyer.

The narrower the differences in price and quality between you and your competitor, the more of a burden that puts on the marketing department to create buzz and demand around the product, in order to make it desirable. And the corollary is also true. The wider gap between you and your competition, the stronger your selling proposition.

Which brings me to better and less expensive. The slam dunk, shoot fish in a barrel marketing value proposition. That’s our strategy at Biscotto di Sorrento, and our Biscotto replacement stones for Ooni, Gozney, Alfa and many other pizza ovens. Our marketing message is that we provide a better product—based on the idea that we use the same material as the other guys, but we finish our stones more accurately and precisely, AND sell them at a lower price—plus faster shipping, free shipping in the US, free returns and a one year warranty.

Out of the gate, our goal is to make a splash, and to make buying our product an obvious choice. That way, we don’t need a lot of fancy advertising or broad social networking reach, or an army of Instagram brand influencers helping us market our products to the less rational buyers.

That comes later.