Biscotto baking stone in an Ooni Koda 16.

The Ooni Koda 16 is a popular outdoor pizza oven known for its ease of use and portability. With its large cooking surface of 16 inches, it can quickly and efficiently bake pizzas in just 60 seconds. Its propane-fueled design makes it convenient for outdoor gatherings, allowing users to achieve high temperatures for that perfect crispy crust. No hassling with wood, pellets or charcoal. Just set it and go. And with almost 7,000, near-perfect 5-star reviews on, you can be sure you’re getting a very capable oven.

Of course even a large, high-end Ooni oven can be improved. The Biscotto di Sorrento Koda 16 replacement stone is the easiest, and mostly highly leveraged improvement you can make to your Ooni gas-fired oven. No tools required. Just slide your old, thin cordierite stone out, and slide our thicker Biscotto stone in its place. That’s it. Your oven will hold heat better, and release heat more slowly baking pizzas with the perfect crust and crumb, and a huge cornicione—and no more burned pizza bottoms.

Quick user tip. When you are heating your oven, give your Biscotto stone an extra five minutes to full heat through. Your new Biscotto stone is like a battery—the more heat you put into it, the more you have available for high temp baking.