Gozney recently brought out the new Arc ($700) and Arc XL ($800), two small modern pizza ovens that fit nicely in between the Roccbox ($500) and the multi-fuel Dome ($2,000) and gas-only Dome S1 ($1,500), based on the basic Dome design. These are extremely well-designed ovens, with serious build quality and high-end, commercial-grade insulation. All of which means these ovens make great pizza, hold high temperatures and are capable of baking tons of different types of food.

It’s a popular oven, and until now, it’s been difficult get see one, or get your hands on one.

But they have one achilles heel. They come with a cheap .79″/20mm cordierite stone that does a poor job of high temperature pizza making and does not hold the heat necessary to bake lots of pizzas in a row. It’s understandable. Their ovens are made in China, and their factory is able to pop out scores of thousands of these little ovens, where Biscotto stones are handmade, and they could never never be a viable commercial option of a mass produced pizza oven.

That said, the baking stone for the Arc and Arc XL are both easily removable and replaceable without messing with the one—unlike the Dome, where you need to do some disassembly (and potentially have warranty issues) to swap out the baking stone.

That’s where we come in. We worked with a couple of early Arc XL owners to make a template of the baking stone, and we cut, sanded and bevelled the first stone. And it looks and works great. The Gozney Arc XL is an excellent oven for a Biscotto stone. I has a powerful burner and serious Calcium Silicate insulation under the cooking floor—plus it has the temperature sensors you need to see just how much heat your cooking floor has absorbed, and how hot it is on the bottom, not just the top.

The Biscotto stone is 1″ (25mm), compared with the .79″ (20mm) standard cordierite stone, so it sit up about 1/4″, which actually makes it easier to use the oven.

You can read a review here, and we will be making it available for sale shortly.