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Biscotto baking stones for Ooni, Gozney, Alfa, Big Green Egg and more.

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verace pizza napoletana

Biscotto Baking Stones

For people who love Pizza Napoletana.

According to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the temperature of your pizza oven floor must be between 800-900ºF to bake perfect 60-90 second pizzas. But how do you bake at these high temperatures without burning the crust?

Biscotto baking stones are made by hand using alluvial clay from Mt. Vesuvius that’s fired in a traditional wood-fired kiln. They’re thicker, and they absorb and hold high heat, and then release it to the pizza crust more slowly than basic cordierite stones. That means no more burned crusts—and the perfect crisp, supple, moist cornicione.

Add a Biscotto stone to your oven to make better pizza. Max out your Ooni. Supercharge your Gozney Roccbox. Take your Alfa, Clementi or Fontana to a whole new level. Rock your Carbon.

It’s time to up your pizza game.

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The perfect baking stone for your pizza oven.

We love the new generation of pizza ovens from Ooni, Gozney, Alfa, Fontana, Clementi, and Carbon. But getting a good fit can be a challenge.

Because Biscotto baking stones are made by hand using wood and metal forms, thickness, angles, and quality can vary widely. So instead of buying stones pre-shaped for each oven, we buy full-size Biscotto slabs from our producer in Sorrento, and cut them for a precise fit.
We carefully sort the slabs and throw away the poor material, and then we accurately cut our stones with straight lines and true angles.

After precise cutting, we calibrate each stone for consistent thickness, removing thick material and high spots, and finally, we bevel the edges. You get the natural Biscotto baking surface you want that fits your oven—without the big chips, dents, gaps, holes, humps, bumps, or divots that could get in the way of your pizza baking.

Biscotto baking stone in an Ooni Koda 16.

There are times when you just shouldn’t compromise.

And this is one of those times. 90% of Naples pizzerias use Biscotto di Sorrento baking stones. Shouldn’t you?

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Ooni pizza oven with Biscotto stone
Gozney pizza oven with Biscotto stone
Alfa pizza oven with Biscotto stone.
Kamado grill with Biscotto stone.
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